Buyer Support

Let Lodebit assist you in finding your next provider of goods.  Through our extensive global network and depth of knowledge, we can find that golden egg you have been looking for.  

Supplier Support

Sometimes it can be a challenge to diversify and grow your business.  Lodebit is a company that can help you think outside the box when it comes to finding new markets and industries to enter. 

EDA Support

Economic Development Agencies have rather simple goals that are extremely tough to execute: create jobs and grow the economy.  Lodebit will find potential partners for you to put on your dancing shoes for.

Banks & Insurance Support

When it comes down to lending and insuring, it is all about risk.  Lodebit’s predictive analytics and risk modeling will help  take some of the guesswork out of who to conduct business with.  You may even find a diamond in the rough…

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