Lodebit digital platform

Let Lodebit help you find the perfect partners in building a more robust and resilient supply chain.  Lodebit will  share with you the best potential partners based on geography, risk, dependability, and many more.  You can customize your search based upon your needs. If you find a potential supplier, Lodebit has many levels of service that can help you make that connection!

Think of Lodebit's Supplier Scorecard like a dating app, you want to know how compatible you are.  Our Supplier Scorecard consolidates many data elements to produce an overall rating that is customized to your specific needs.  Information such as distance, cost, risk, reliability and more are combined to produce an overall score that is unique to you.

The time and energy you utilize to find the best supplier is something you will never get back.  Lodebit wants to do that for you and present it in an easy to read format that you can sort based upon you immediate concerns.  If we can preserve your precious time then we are all successful

One of the best indications on how successful a future relationship is with another company is in their customer feedback.  Lodebit  searches and consolidates numerous sources for customer feedback and presents it in a manner that allows you to more easily draw conclusions.  The overall customer satisfaction is then combined with other data elements to build the custom Supplier Scorecard.

Lodebit isn't reinventing the wheel with supply chain mapping, rather we are making it roll with a little less resistance and making it less prone to flats.  Through the combination of our supply chain mapping, risk identification and recommendations, we can help you avoid potential accidents that prevent you from having to stop your momentum.

Part of Lodebit's secret sauce is the  ability for you to directly connect with those that you are interested in doing business with.  We take the leg work out of the equation, save you some travel budget, and in the end provide more reliable prospects for you to engage with. Sort of like a dating app, but for businesses...

Sometimes you don't know where to start, so why not do a little window shopping to get the creative juices flowing.  Our product catalog is a continuously growing market place for sellers to share their goods.  Whether you are looking for raw materials to augment your manufacturing process or finished goods to set up your office space, our product catalog combines all of the tools within Lodebit to provide you with the best options. 

If you have something to add to the market place, we encourage you to share and help us continue to grow.

Lodebit's dashboards will help you track your performance.  Having the ability to track purchase history, fluctuation in prices, changes in supplier or buyer risk will all help you stay informed on your performance.  Staying informed will assist your organization in the early identification of potential issues and when combined with Lodebit's other tools, you can minimize or avoid them all together.

Dive a little deeper into your purchasing patterns and you may find some quick savings.  If Pareto's principle holds true, you can find 80% of your savings by examining 20% of your purchases.  Lodebit is here to help you minimize the effort in peeling the layers off of that 20%.

If you like maps as much as Lodebit does, you will feel like a great explorer searching the world for new places and opportunities.  Our cluster mapping tool is perfect for buyers, sellers and economic developers to make connections that can foster industry growth, create jobs and find manufacturing partners.  All with the the common goal of building more resilient relationships.

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