Services for Sellers

Cluster Mapping

Lodebit assists in the identification of other locations that may have under/over developed industry clusters for further examination.  Allows for the drilling in to supply chains and vulnerabilities/risks.

Opportunity Identification

Lodebit provides several different ways to interact based on starting with either Supply Chains or Cluster Maps.  Lodebit provides opportunity “Indexes” that will be used to evaluate the opportunity based on location, regulations, risk, vulnerability, etc.

Identifying New Markets & Customers (Eligibility)

Lodebit helps sellers to utilize market identification through trade analysis trends to determine optimal targeted markets.  Lodebit helps to identify buyers of specific suppliers including names and contact information for key personnel and introductions by buyer trusted intermediaries.

Forecast & Predictive Modeling

Lodebit’s trend forecasting and modeling allows an advanced look at what products will be in demand and where those markets are likely to be in order to expand sales and to pivot to new product demands as well as hedge against slower sales on antiquated products.

New Technologies Opportunity Scouting

Lodebit creates a one stop database of emerging technology opportunities allowing buyers to be more competitive in creating efficiencies on current products and then combined with trend forecasting to make products that meet new user demand.

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